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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DAZ Studio 4 Review

Create your 3D Artwork in Minutes

An All-in-one 3D software to make and create your own artwork projects is just around the corner...

What is DAZ Studio 4

DAZ Studio 4 Logo

What is DAZ Studio?

The world most popular 3D Animation Software - DAZ Studio was debuted! It features great 3D model transformation, posing, and animation let you to create any 3D animation project in minutes. In this review you can figure out what key features was included in this masterpieces.

Advanced features in DAZ Studio
DAZ Studio 4 is an perfect software to design your own digital art and animations using a series of objects, such as virtual human, virtual animals, 3D props, 3D vehicles, amazing accessories, environment controls and much more inside the package. To get started, just use your mouse to click on the subject, make some settings, pick accessories and arrange the lighting effects, your great artwork will become live!
With advanced DAZ Studio features, such as 3D model customization, human posing and stunned animation tools, a real human alike 3D artwork is not hard to make. It save you many times with DAZ Studio 4. DAZ Studio 4 suitable for any level of artist. From beginner to advanced level, any people can familiar with the build-in sample artwork and tutorials. The rich 3D ability of DAZ Studio let you re-build your existing artwork to an advanced level.

What you can do with DAZ Studio 4
  • Produce your own 3D human-like characters and avatars
  • Create illustrations for magazine, textbooks, anime, comics, advertising, education, novels and much more you can imagine.
  • Advanced users even can make their own CG video and CG movies
  • Make your own editorial artwork in minutes
  • Make and Render graphic design artwork and elements
  • Create virtual environment is never been easy with build-in fly-through animations.
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3D World - CG Awards 2011 Winner

DAZ Studio 4 ™ wins the 3D World CG Technology Award (Figure Platform). The Genesis Figure in DAZ Studio 4 was granted Software Innovation of the Year for breaking new level and let artists benefit for artists in the creation their own CG assets. From the review above. You can figure out the price of DAZ Studio 4 is reasonable with rich advanced features. .

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